High Resolution Infrared Camera – ThermaCAM B20


FLIR Systems Australia – Easier and quicker building inspections are possible thanks to a number of powerful features offered by the ThermaCAM B20, developed for the demanding building professional…

AUTOMATIC DEW POINT IDENTIFICATION ALARM – ON-SITE, NO SOFTWARE NEEDED In the past, finding areas where there is a big potential for condensation has been a time consuming effort. To find these areas, the building inspector needed to carry out complicated calculations with specific software, behind his desk, on a PC. With the new FLIR Systems patented dewpoint identification alarm in the ThermaCAM B20, this can now be done on-site.


The B20 does the scientific dew point calculation in real-time. All parameters necessary, such as relative humidity and object temperature, to identify potential condensation areas, can be set in the camera, in the field. The result is a real-time infrared image with the dew point information, which indicates potential condensation problems. Critical areas, susceptible to condensation, are automatically coloured with a transparent colour alarm so that the building inspector sees the problem area and its structure at the same time.


TEXT AND VOICE COMMENTS The B20 includes the ability to store and edit voice comments and text notes in the field together with the thermal images. It can record up to 30 seconds of digital voice data. The B20 is equipped with a headset with integrated microphone which is optimized to suppress interfering background noise. All recordings and text fields are saved together with the infrared image. All related data, such as floor level, compass point, wind speed, wall material and thickness, can be stored inside the image file and automatically downloaded into the ThermaCAM Reporter™ software to create professional building inspection reports.


SOUND AND COLOUR ALARMS A maximum temperature value can be set, so if the B20 is pointed to a part of a building and this temperature is surpassed, the camera will automatically produce an audible alarm and all parts of the image where this temperature is exceeded, will be highlighted. A colour alarm immediately draws the user’s attention to critical areas. The area of concern is covered by a transparent colour allowing for further interpretation of the scene. Inspecting huge areas might be time consuming and tiresome. Even with colour alarms activated the eye can miss extremely small critical areas. Exactly these tiny spots are often the start for huge problems in the future. With the unique sound alarm function of the B20, the smallest critical spot will not be overlooked.


AUTOMATIC MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE CALCULATION The B20 can automatically calculate the temperature difference between the highest and lowest temperature points in the infrared image. Both these points are clearly identified in the image and the value of this difference is shown inside the camera. The maximum temperature difference is often used to investigate an area of doubt. With the B20, you will not only see the values on-site, but they will be automatically saved with the infrared image. This means you can spend less time behind a desk analysing images and more time doing valuable inspections.


INCORPORATED EMISSIVITY TABLES To make correct temperature measurements you need to set the correct emissivity. Pre-defined values for often inspected materials in the building industry (concrete, wood, painted walls, wall-paper, cement, bricks etc.) are stored in the camera so that you can instantly choose the correct emissivity settings. A huge library of building materials is at hand and can, if necessary, be completed by the user.


ESPECIALLY CALIBRATED FOR THE BUILDING INDUSTRY The B20 measures temperatures in a range of -40°C up to +55°C – ideal for building applications.


IMAGE GALLERY If you want to review images in the camera, you can open the image gallery. This allows you to browse through thumbnail images and easily find and select the one you need.


LASER ACTIVATOR A conveniently placed button activates the Laser Locat IR, which helps you to associate the hot spot in the infrared image with the real physical target in the field.


CUSTOMIZE COLOUR PALETTES Tailor your colour palettes to your applications and upload them in the camera.