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The Moultrie D50 game camera prices in at about $90 and provides outstanding value for any preparing for the hunting season. There are many game and trail cameras on the market so we wanted to write a review Moultrie D50 to help wildlife enthusiasts with the purchase. Whether you’re on a budget, or need a camera that’s going to deliver high-quality photos while out in the wild, the Moultrie D50 will more than surpass your expectations. To help support your hobbies and passion, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via


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Our Moultrie D50 Review:


With a 5.0 megapixel digital game camera, included with weather-resistant casing, and TV out cable and mounting strap, you can begin to see why this camera is exceptional. Quick response time, 45 ft flash range and the ability to imprint the time, date and camera ID on every photo or video makes the Moultrie D50 absolutely amazing. This camera allows you to scout the entire area you plan to hunt before the season even starts thanks to the infrared (IR) sensor. In addition, you can expect color day and night pictures, 10-second video clips during the day and three pictures / two video resolutions. The flash delivers fantastic images of the subject nearly FIFTY feet away, as the multi-shot mode provides you with as much as 3 images in a row. There’s 16 MB of internal memory and a SD memory card slot for saving your photos and videos.


The price tag speaks for itself with this one. If you’re looking for a game camera that you can afford, and that’s going to provide outstanding quality, the Moultrie D50 is for you. While not as good as other cameras, it is priced much cheaper. We noticed that the pictures are crystal clear and sharp, with no blurriness or loss of image. The time stamps help with identifying at what time photos were taken. The 45 ft flash range allowed us to take photos during the night at long distances. What’s amazing about the Moultrie Gamespy D50 is that the photos during the night were crystal clear and sharp too.


Moultrie D50 Features:



Includes a 5.0 Mega-pixel digital game camera with speedy reaction time, 50-Feet flash, easy-to-read image strip


Infrared aim for fast as well as accurate digital camera set up, multi-shot images, three picture resolutions


Display that shows the amount of photos taken and photos remaining, delay time, and battery life remaining


Every photo includes the time, date and camera ID, temperature and moon phase


The included case is water-proof


Includes USB cable and mounting strap, operates on six C-cell batteries


Super fast response time


Color day and night images


Offering video clips during the day (ten seconds)


3 picture resolutions


2 video resolutions


Internal Memory: 16 megabytes


Slot for a memory card up to 16 GB




The only negative thing we could find wrong with this camera is the 10-second video clips. Other competitors offer longer video recording, but they also lack in photo quality. This game camera is effectively a balance between good and bad. If you don’t need to record videos, and solely want to focus on taking great photos of the surrounding wildlife, then the Moultrie MFH-DGS-D50 is going to be perfect for your needs.


So, where can you buy this game camera?


We suggest you head over to to buy the Moultrie D-50. In addition to the lowest price on the internet, Amazon is offering free shipping of many items. We love working with amazon because their customer service is the best and the return policy is bar none. If you’re interested in buying this game camera or would like to learn more, click this link.