Hundred rubber ducks are invading your home “The bath tub” and they also kidnapped your soul mate. Let’s complete the quest to eliminate these bad ducks by pulling & releasing your rubber shark to Eat em’ all! As the carnivore leader (Even you’re the rubber one), this is unforgivable! Go Away! Rubber ducks, here’s the rubber sharks place!


There are many famous puzzle games on IOS such as ”The Angry Birds” , “Cut the rope HD” , ”Where’s my water?”. If you love these game Shark Dash by Game Loft is another puzzle game that you cannot be missed. The game story is plotted from the real one (lol I’m joking).


It is the story of the Rubber sharks who live peacefully in their sweet home ”The bath tub”. However, the happy moment is now gone since hundred rubber ducks jumped in the tub. Moreover, they kidnapped your beloved pink rubber shark! It’s time to teach these ducks that do not mess with the rubber shark. Use the elasticity within you by pull and release then eat them all!


Shark Dash gameplay is designed with the simple drag and release control but it is perfectly match to gameplay and story! what you need to do is pull then release your rubber shark. The goal to end each stage is to eat all ducks in the tub. However, you can pull him for a limited time and after the release he will dash to another position which means if you missed some ducks, it’s a tougher to jump back and eat them.


To make Shark Dash more challenge, eating all ducks does not make 100% clear on each stage. You also need to collect the gold coin around the tub and release the shark in with in the challenging limit. Let’s to this to obtain 3 stars in order to unlock new stages including a new type of shark!


The obstacles and the physics engine are also the heart 20th puzzle game. , In Shark Dash, the obstacles are the things you can find on the beach and your bathroom (such as the sponge,ball, pipe, salt, mine! and more). Each obstacle will have its unique attribute, such as when the ball falling to the pipe it will be bounced to the another end of the pipe, the mine will be exploded if anyone get touch to it, Salt will be dissolved when it fall down in a water. The player have to think about the best solution to pass each stage.


In conclusion, Shark Dash is the puzzle game that you could own! (Even you are the fan of a puzzle game you will get addicted to it!). The graphic is so colorful and cute! The game story runs in the cinimetic with a high quality slide show, I really love this. Regarding the gameplay Shark Dash is implemented with a control that is perfect matched to the game story. The physics engine of the game is pretty great, it shows the uniqueness of each obstacles clearly and make player easily to understand and be able to design their own solution to clear the stage. And after a fun game, you could also do some casino and betting games at using your iPad, it’s fun and you could make money at the same time.