Delta Force Land Warrior


“You command the most advanced strike team ever. Where there is terror, you bring retribution. You are Delta Force.” – NovaLogic. This was a quote I found at NovaLogic’s Delta Force HomePage…and let me tell you that the quote doesn’t represent the game whatsoever. NovaLogic’s Delta Force Land Warrior has some major issues, that should have been recognized before the production, because I really doubt that they would want to produce this kind of game. So far, so bad right? Ehh, it’s not as bad as it looks…really.


I guess when you come out with a game that is so incredibly easy, you set yourself for these types of reviews, and I hate to bog down on this game, because it really isn’t that bad…but it deserves to be criticized heavily. The difficulty level on this game really needs to be fixed. If i can kill a enemy 45 meters away with a pistol to the knee…you know that’s easy, and this is what the game is like. You can snipe someone 400 meters away..hit him once on the hand and he tips over! Where’s the fun in that? Not only can you hit them easily, but its a real challenge to GET HIT from the AI! They don’t react to anything. If you plunge bullets at them from 20 meters away, then run around a corner, they don’t chase you. You have to chase them, which is kind of demeaning the whole “stealth” concept. Its a joke, just watching them try and shoot you..they focus on you..shoot, and when you move, there reaction time is about 5 seconds, its as if all of these terrorists all gathered around and HOT BOXED in a van (Cheech and Chong-Up In Smoke.)


These screenshots that I have provided might be false leading. From them, the game looks pretty tight. But you haven’t seen what they did to actually get to that positioning. The Animation!!! WOOO! Let me count the ways. First off, the figures do not move appropriately, they all have no sense of direction, the AI that is. They don’t know the difference between there hands and feet, but, there are some good qualities that I liked about it. If shot at the top of a flight of stairs, the enemy will fall…all the way down, which is kind of cool, and if shot over a railing, the AI will flip over the railing and fall to its doom. These are nice additions to the game. As little as it may seem, you really notice it. Thus when you notice it, you try a pick off every enemy while there on a flight of stairs or off a railing, just to watch them fall.


So far, from this review, you would think OGR would give it a flat ass F! Well, it really doesn’t deserve it. What makes this game competitive on the market is its Missions and Objectives. For some reason, and I can’t explain it, you want to go back, and replay all your missions. I personally don’t get it at all? I dislike this game, but yet I play it all the time? Am I sleep-gaming, not knowing what I’m doing till I wake up? I don’t know!! As easy as each mission is, it’s always fun to come back and play them again. Its like Pac-Man, we all have played it numerous times..and we all know the tricks of the trade, but yet we always come back to it and play it again. Unexplainable.


This game of course offers Multi-Player features. DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill are only some of the multi-player options. Others I didn’t bother to play, but there are more. Multi-player with Delta Force Land Warrior, fits the game perfectly, they both need work, :). Too many bugs, too many errors, not too much fun summarizes the Multi-Player feature. This could be cool, but we will have to wait on the patches and upgrades. Up to 50 players simultaneously playing is cool and all, but when you get 50 players, in one arena…you know what’s going to happen next..Ping problems for everyone…pixel problems…the whole works. Essentially, it needs work, and they will fix it. So let me summarize what this game is about. (1)Easy as hell, no challenge in the gameplay. (2) AI needs tremendous work, they don’t know where there going, nor do they want to know. (3) Animations are dull and poorly designed. (4) Multiplayer options are large, but have many bugs. (5) Increasingly Addictive, can’t stop playing it, I swear you could call this a drug. Its like crack, one sniff and your hooked. (Don’t share quotes with parents!!) NovaLogic’s Delta Force Land Warrior is not a well-developed game, but could be one of the most addictive. You will enjoy this game, its impossible not to. This happens to be unexplainable, but its true. That is why it is getting a decent OGR grade, because I can’t get away from it. Delta Force Land Warrior is surprisingly bad, but surprisingly addictive.