Another small part of the game that gets frustrating is a in game problem, rebounding. Rebounding has never been so difficult before in any of the previous LIVE games. When attempting to rebound, your player jumps 7-8 feet away from the basket, as if he is trying to block the shot. In previous LIVE series, when you jump for a rebound, you leap straight up and are able to grab the quick board, not anymore. I have been playing LIVE 2001 for quite some time now and I don’t think I have EVER grabbed a rebound myself! And it’s as stressful as sports betting via but I am loving the thrill of it. 

I always have to count on my teammates to grab the boards, which is a problem when your favorite player of your team is the tallest man on the court, the center. Hopefully with a few patches, this small problem can be fixed, because it sure will increase the enjoyment of others. Problem 3 that is on my list would be the AI. For some reason, your opponent (the AI) will never shoot the ball until the shot clock has ran down to 2 or 3 seconds. After a while you get so frustrated with the time being wasted when they have the ball, you run up to the ball handler and try to make a steal and eventually end up receive a foul. How annoying is that? What takes me 4-5 seconds to do on the court, takes the AI 24 seconds, and I can’t deal with that, just shoot the freakin’ ball!

And if basketball is not your thing, you can always give Tennis World Tour a try where you can play like pros that use in their matches.

And now, the final problem (that I have noticed) is the free-throw shot interface. Currently I am 100% from the free-throw line, the only problem is I am 13/13 with Shaquille O’Neal! Everyone in the game can shoot perfect free throws, there is very little difference from Reggie Miller to Shaq. EA did not make it make more difficult to shoot free throws with each player, they tried to, but didn’t do it enough to suite each player’s actual percentages. To be honest, I don’t really mind that much, I enjoy seeing Shaq on the top 10 free throw shooters during season stats. It may seem that the problems overtake the qualities, but please let me assure you that these problems are so minute to the actual game itself. NBA LIVE 2001 is the best basketball game released ever, and one of the best sport games ever, if not the best. Graphically it is considered to be “a great” in all areas of gaming and that is very impressive. EA will never let us down with poor sport releases, they always feed us the candy we deserve. Once again, this is not a review, this is a praise to the EA Sport game, NBA LIVE 2001.