Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 unlike Team Fortress Classic will be equiped with the finer things in gaming that have yet to be seen by anything to date. From 12 player classes to multi-resolution mesh to real voice communication TF2 will set new standards in multiplayer online strategy.


Character Classes: When you play a game you’ll be able to choose one of the 12 character classes such as a Marine or a Spy plus everything in between. New classes are available like the Instructor but your old favorites are sure to still be there. Here’s a list of the characters plus a little info on each one: Marine Packed with an assault rifle and a disposable SMAW (one shot rocket launcher) this character will be key in any attack. Machine Gunner Carries a machine gun and will most likely be a winning player if your watching your FPM (frags per minute). Flame Thrower What do you think he carries? A lighter? Burn one for me! Commando Is great for laying down charges! If you need something to be blown to dust particles (like those on your Braveheart CD) you’ll be needing him. Engineer Is good at making the mounted machine guns that everyone loves so much, just make sure you give him some covering fire while he works. Spy Infiltrates and assasinates the other team while be disguised as them. Can you think of anything funner than wacking a guy who thinks your his friend? Ranger He’s the lightest and fastest one of his class, use him when you need to get to a position with minimal time. Sniper If you love to pick off people from afar then laugh when you see them say, “Where the hell was he?” then the sniper my friend is for you. Field Medic This is the man that everyone tries to become good friends with. The medic supplies and repaires teamates armor and also has the ability to revive others. Officer Basically the leader of the pack, he carries IR goggles and smoke grenades. Commander He’s the strategic planner and sees the battle from above. He gives orders, moves vehicles around for others, instructs his team on routes, and can use voice chat to talk to his team. For the Commander the game will be more of a realtime strategy. Instructor Also refered to as the coach he’s not a physical player in the game but works just as hard. His job is to see through the eyes of his trainee and with a voice link and laser pointer instruct the person on how to play. And after a good gaming session, you might wanna sit back, relax and play some 토토사이트 and reward yourself with some cash.


Graphics One thing that has never before been seen that anyone who plays online will soon not be able to live without is MRM (Multi-Resolution Mesh). What MRM does is scale the polys of the character models from (high detail) 3500 polys, all the way to (low detail) 500 polys! What does this mean for you? No more system over flow which equals less lag and more frag. An example is if your running with a teamate you might have your character models in high detail but when an enemy tank turns the corner and an entire squad jumps out of no where to asks you for the time you can blow them all to hell instead of falling victim to your CPU or internet connection. Parametic Animation is also something new that will be able to handle many action sequences at once. What it does is give AI (artifitial intelligence) to the animation system which allows for up to 7 actions to all happen at once through the player. What does this mean for you? Simply put you can expect to see character models acting more like real people. Making game play much more entertaining to watch, especially for all you campers. Wait…maybe this isn’t such a good thing after all.


Communication Like most of the online games type written chat is avalible but with Team Fortress 2 there is also voice communication. Similar to Roger Willco you’ll be able to actually speak to your team, on of the differences though is that the characters in the game will actually lip synce what you say. The Commander can speak to the entire team while others can speak to those around them or who are in the same squad.