The Mobile Applications That Can Make You A Star


Smartphones have opened the door to a lot of opportunities for everyone. One can make content that can be easily transferred over to people over the smartphones and hence gets its audience. One such mobile application is SMULE. It is an application that lets you connect with people and share your talent with the world. Let us discuss some features of this website.

What Is The Application?

The application is a platform for everyone to share their musical talent. If you sing and have some fire in you for people to listen to you, get the application. On opening the application, you will have to enter your song preferences. Then according to your preferences, the application will show you the karaoke of songs. Select the one that you like, and you are ready to go. Using the inbuilt microphone of your mobile device, the application will record your voice over the karaoke that it plays.

How To Go About It?

The following are few tips to enter into this website-

    • When using it, one shall make his or her profile.
    • All the recording you make will be stored in your profile, just like the posts stored on your social media.
    • People can listen to your song if they want to.
    • There is also a feature to follow the person whom you liked.
    • If, in future, any piece is uploaded by him or her, you would get a notification about it.
    • It is a great platform for sharing one’s talent, becoming popular as well.


Ever heard about someone hiring a manager for scheduling or managing their day? These people are hired to make sure that no time is wasted. But everyone cannot afford a person to fix decisions for them. So there came mobile applications that do the same. HotSchedules is one of them.

What Is The Application?

It is a mobile task handler. You can set reminders of your jobs and tasks to be done throughout the day. One can set it for meetings, events, gatherings, family functions, and even dinner or the medicine at the right time. Not only that, but one can also make decisions based on the data entered by the user over some time. One can maintain the stock of his showroom in the application or even the food he or she eats throughout the day.

What Are The Features Of The Application?

Your medical appointments, your car service dates, any interviews or calls that are scheduled.

    • The best part is that the application shows all the data in a beautiful and easy-to-understand manner.
    • The application can prove useful for the professionals out there.
    • Apart from doing this for one person, the software is also used as an employee scheduling software to manage tone company’s resources and
    • The application is capable of storing huge information in the form of a database. The interface is also very user-friendly.

The application can schedule almost anything for you and constantly remind you of the same.